You can count on us

When it comes to our cheese manufacturing, quality and safety are of paramount importance. Our customer's depend on us to achieve the highest standards of excellence in everything we do and in the cheeses we deliver. Our facilities are designed and maintained with the utmost care to produce only the highest quality mozzarella and dairy ingredients for our customers.

We use state-of-the-art quality assurance technology. Each step of the manufacturing process is closely monitored to ensure every aspect of the cheese meets our customers' specifications, from chemical composition through to physical dimensions and exacting cook characteristics.

We are unapologetically obsessed with product taste, functionality, consistency, and safety - and our customer's appreciate and benefit from our commitment to thoroughness when making their mozzarella and cheese products.

We are committed to a programme of continual improvement in health and safety management and performance to all employees, contractors, visitors and anyone else who may be exposed to the Company’s activities. Through creating an environment that enhances the health, safety and wellbeing of all its employees, the Company’s business performance will also be enhanced to benefit all stakeholders.

From the highest level we have a commitment to ensure that:-

  • We comply with all relevant legislation, regulations and other requirements that are applicable to the Company’s activities.
  • These requirements are considered to be on an equal footing with other business interests, therefore resources such as financial, personnel and equipment will be allocated where necessary.
  • Identifying hazards in the Workplace, assessing the risk relating to them and implementing appropriate preventative and protective measures.
  • We will ensure competent assistance is available to enable the Company to reach its aims for Health, Safety and Welfare, regardless of the location of its employees.
  • We continuously improve employee training, awareness and development, to expand and maintain a proactive attitude and culture, to motivate all employees to behave in a safe and healthy responsible manner.
  • Identifying opportunities, setting targets for continual improvement of OH&S and Employee welfare and the prevention of injury and ill health.
  • The Company’s commitment to good health and safety standards is also relayed to all internal and external stakeholders, as appropriate.
  • Employees and their representatives are regularly consulted and have participation in H&S matters, where appropriate.
  • The Company’s Health and Safety performance is continually assessed through communication and measuring performance, so continual improvements and setting of relevant Health and Safety objectives and targets can be implemented.



This Policy Statement is made by the Chief Executive of the Company to define, endorse and demonstrate commitment to Health and Safety. The operation of this policy and associated procedures will be monitored and reviewed annually or where changes occur in relevant legislation, Company procedures or in the event of a reportable incident.

Management and supervisory staff have responsibilities for the implementation of the policy and must ensure that Health and Safety issues are given adequate consideration in the planning and day-to-day supervision of all work.